Standing Ovation first debuted in 2010 and continues to shine a spotlight on DC Public Schools' talented teachers, leaders, staff, and school communities.

This unique celebration honors all of the Highly Effective teachers, leaders, and school staff in DC Public Schools—over 2,700 and growing! Thanks to the generosity of David M. Rubinstein, over $1.5 million dollars has been awarded since 2010.


1. Nominations

Do you know a teacher, leader, staff member or entire school community who deserves to be recognized for their outstanding work? Nominate them for a Standing Ovation award through September 20, 2019!


2. Selection Process

At the close of nominations, DC Ed Fund and DCPS contact nominees with information and next steps. The selection process varies slightly for each award but includes an online application for most nominees.


3. Surprise Announcements

Selection panel teams review applications, narrow down finalists, conduct school visits, and interview candidates. DC Ed Fund and DCPS make surprise visits to announce winners.


4. Celebrate at Standing Ovation!

On the night of the event, over 3,000 people come together to honor and celebrate the winners.